Help needed: Anyone good with making maps or GIS?

I’m currently trying to get someone to build a coverage map for broadband in Ireland. It will list every enabled exchange and have a 5km radius around each exchange to show max coverage. I have the locations of all exchanges but need someone to plot them on a map of Ireland now. Can anyone help with this? Looking to have this done by Thursday if possible.

UPDATE: I’ve posted what I’m looking for here.

3 Responses to “Help needed: Anyone good with making maps or GIS?”

  1. Branedy says:

    Have you downloaded the Google Map application? You can enter the lat long and it will locate it on the map and you can ‘bookmark’ the locations.

  2. Robin says:

    Do you have the locations in Lat/Long?

  3. Noel Donagh says:

    I do cartography. What you are looking for should be no problem.
    Contact me at