Waiting for the black eye – Web 2.0 is an abusive relationship

From an MSN conversation with Dave

Dave says: but it’s a pretty normal human trait, to forget the past
Dave says: or just decide that this is different
Dave says: not because it is, but because they want it to be
Damien M – says: heh, I just thought of something, web 2.0 is like an abusive relationship and the gf going “oh no, it’s different this time, he says he’s changed.”
Dave says: that’s brilliant! blog that
Damien M – says: and we just all wait for the black eye

So yeah, Bubble 2.0, Web 2.0, some of us are waiting for the black eye. Wake up girl! Nothing has changed.

5 Responses to “Waiting for the black eye – Web 2.0 is an abusive relationship”

  1. auds says:

    Enter this question under the bimbo category –
    what is Web 2.0? What is Web 1.0?

  2. Damien says:

    Web 1.0 is just the usual web but web 2.0 is the “new” web where after 10 years developers have found new tricks. Web 2.0 is the web with some go-faster stripes and some fuzzy dice. The foundations have not changed, the building blocks have not changed but the developers want a great new twist. Papa’s not got a brand new bag, he just a funky new zip.

    The issue myself and Dave were talking about is silly companies and banks and venture capitalists are throwing crazy money at people that design a new feature for a website and try and make a business out of it. The original web bubble was like that with silly money being poured into web ventures that made no sense whatsoever. If you can’t make money from something, then don’t buy it and bank roll it. Trouble is all those lessons sorely learned with boo.com and the rest are being ignored by people saying “ah, this time it’s different.”

  3. The entire point of this evolutionary nature of the web is that you can’t define it, there isn’t a point where you go “yes, we are done, no further shall we go” – it’s just silly, we didn’t do it with evolution (well, most of us didn’t).

    Anyone who says web 2.0 needs a good hammer to their head.

  4. The Antichrist says:

    Hells Bells, lads! Isn’t that all a bit over the top! Bollox, black eyes and a hammer on the head?
    All that over a little label.
    Personally I don’t count sheep when I go to sleep, I watch Web 2.0 headlines drift across the air ( in nice large Sans Serif (Arial), of course).
    Maybe instead of calling it Web 2.0 you should call it ‘new fangledness’ or ‘uppityness’ or something like that. Or just blow it away like the bubble that you guys think it is and just forget about it.

  5. Walter says:

    Take it easy – it’s just a label. Nothing to get your knickers in a twist over.
    If you want to poke fun at braindead investments and acquisitions there’s plenty of bigger non-2.0 targets – take RedHat’s acquisition of JBoss ($350M) for example. Stupid beyond belief, with no 2.0ness involved.