Sufjan Stevens – New album called Avalanche

Via Good weather for Airstrikes is news of a new Album from Sufjan called Avalanche. Songs that didn’t make it to Illnois due to time constraints etc. Go to their site to hear the song Avalanche and get an acoustic version of Chicago.

And for your eyes and ears:

3 Responses to “Sufjan Stevens – New album called Avalanche”

  1. auds says:

    Thanks for the links Damien.

    Will have to show video to my mother, who has become a big Sufjan fan since I burnt his Christmas collections to CD and we listened to them at Christmas instead of the Christchurch choral tape/CD that we’ve listened to for generations.
    She firmly believes that he should get more exposure in Ireland. She bases this observation on the fact that he is not played enough on Lyric FM!

  2. Colm says:

    Auds, I wish my parents were that cool! Or is cool an awkwardly uncool word to use these days?

  3. Dermod Moore says:

    lovely stuff thanks for the link..