Fr. Trendy should blog

He’s no Aine Chambers (I’m down to one mention a week damnit!) but Auds reports that Fr. Brian D’Arcy was on the Podge and Rodge show tonight. Correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t Fr. Brian D’Arcy once the mouthpiece for the Catholic Church in Ireland? The Church press office were always monitoring the airwaves and any time the Gay Byrne show or Pat Kenny would bring up Catholicism he’d ring in with a “Ah hello Gay, I just happened to be listening and I wonder could I just address that callers issue with the Church..” kind of thing. What does D’Arcy do anyway? Wouldn’t he make a great blogger? We could have a Best Trendy Priest Blog at the Awards next year. Auds gives a summary of what seems a performance more than an appearance. Go read.

4 Responses to “Fr. Trendy should blog”

  1. Suzy says:

    Speaking of mouthpieces I caught sight of him on P&R bobbing in a bucket for a piece of fruit. D’arcy was banished to Fermanagh or Eniskillen for being too gobby as far as I remember – he still writes for the Sunday World. He was too frank in his criticisms of the church’s handling of married priest and child sexual abuse. But yes we have pastor bloggers and some other church leader bloggers so when are we going to get the first Irish Priest blogger. Or maybe we have them already and they’re blogging as Twenty Major… 🙂

  2. Colm says:

    This is one of the few reasons why I miss Ireland. Podge & Rodge with Brian D’Arcy must have been a hoot.

  3. It was great and I’m amazed at how frank he was. He said he has always been in favour of priests getting married and defended Bishop Casey because he had done a lot of good that was forgotten because of one “mistake”.

  4. Brian Greene says:

    before Podge & Rodge or Zig & Zag did breakfast radio 2 (2FM) D’arcy had the “droopy organ bed music” to a morning homely on RTE Radio 2. Back then Marty Whelan presented… so nothings changed in 20 years… all those returning emigrants must think Marty’s still at it after all these years…. D’arcy writes for the Sunday World who were on the news tonight having GPS tracked down the MI5 agent Donaldson,,, the world was hyper linked before Tim Berners-Lee did it. Berners-Lee is not related to Fr. B D’arcy – bhg quits/

    from D’arcy biog…
    His career in journalism began in 1967 when he wrote regularly for various pop magazines at home and abroad. He was the first priest in Ireland to be admitted to the National Union of Journalists. His weekly column in the Sunday World has been running for the past 27 years. Brian D’Arcy is a well-known broadcaster and television personality. He has his own series of interviews on BBC Ulster and is a “Pause For Thought” contributor on Terry Wogan’s morning show on BBC Radio 2. He now broadcasts a weekly programme with BBC Radio Ulster, ‘Sunday With Brian D’Arcy’. He has broadcast for 2 FM since its first day of broadcast and more recently has his own slot on RTE Radio 1 on “Both Sides Now”.