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Sweet: Amazon S3 gets all Bittorrenty

Tuesday, March 14th, 2006

The cheap as chips Amazon storage service also has BitTorrent support. Back in October I suggested an Irish Bittorrent service and I was thinking about it again recently. With Amazon I wonder do we need it now. The price: $0.15 per GB of storage per month, and $0.20 for each GB of data transferred up or downstream. That’s very bloody cheap. Should be very very handy for podcasters like the lads from Letter to America

Sligo Tourism Legend Aine Chambers on Fanning Show

Monday, March 13th, 2006

Aine Chambers

Not only did Aine make the Sunday Papers but she was also on the Dave Fanning show tonight my sources in Sligo tell me. I’ll put the direct link here when it gets uploaded to the 2fm website. How much money has Sligo Tourism spent on advertising their site? Spend it on Aine! She’d gotten 10s of 1000s to look at Sligo’s lovely sites without spending a fortune on marketing companies. The Internet was built to allow individuals to make a difference.

Aine has now put up a special Patrick’s Day 2006 message for all her viewers.

Is there any techy out there that can create a Google Maps mashup and add the locations she mentions on her site and when you click on them a video plays? Go Aine Go!

So, what next?

Monday, March 13th, 2006

I was hoping to announce a few things at the blog Awards but was so busy gearing up for it that didn’t have time. So what’s next?

Myself and John Breslin are hoping to organise another Awards event for sometime this year but it won’t be about blogs. 🙂

I’m working with a few groups for a Technology conference in September. Think I already have a sponsor for it.

IrelandOffline are hoping to organise a conference this year and I hope to help John Timmons with this.

The very next item though is going to be the bloggers workshop. Myself and That Girl will work on this and it already looks like we have a venue sorted thanks to a nice training company. We just need to agree on what the formula is going to be. There’s a workshop wiki set up for it if you want to contribute.

Irish Blog Awards 2006 – The Movie

Monday, March 13th, 2006

Woah and double woah. Thanks to Joe Drumgoole we have the video of the 2006 Irish Blog Awards. It being on YouTube, doesn’t it mean I have to set my lawyers on them about 5 days after it being watched by half the Internet? 😉

Best blog comment so far about the Blog Awards

Sunday, March 12th, 2006

Attributed to Frank Neary on the United Irelander blog.


The guy from Rymus said ‘What’s Bob Dylan doing here?’ when he saw you.

Aine was in the papers today

Sunday, March 12th, 2006

Well done Aine. Following up from my first Sligo Tourism post is news that Aine was in the Star on Sunday today. Congrats Aine. Anyone got any scans of it?

EDIT: Francis has scanned in the paper here and here

People think I’m taking the piss out of Aine but I believe she’s doing a great thing for Sligo in her own personal style. We see the GAA ads about asking not what your county can do for you, but what you can do for your county. Aine does this. She’s a genuine fan of Sligo. Thousands of people now know where Sligo is and I bet some will end up visiting. How much does the Sligo Tourist board pay to advertise and market Sligo? Aine does it for free. I think she deserves recognition or even a helping hand. At least we should all link to her site so that she appears first in Google when you type in Sligo. Fuck Harvey Norman. Go Aine Go! I think the Letter to America kids feel the same way about her. BTW Jett and Wayne. You guys frickin rock.

I’m still on an adrenaline high

Sunday, March 12th, 2006

Damien Mulley looking animated

Photographers and Registrars wanted for the Blog Awards

Thursday, March 9th, 2006

I’m looking for a few photographers for the blog awards. I wish to photograph everyone that comes to the Awards and have their photo and their names uploaded up to the Awards website. In order to do this I’ll need a photographer at the door along with an assistant to take their names. Hopefully if the net access works then their pics can be uploaded quickly to the website. Photographers are also needed to take pics of the rest of the event and of each category winner along with the category sponsor.

I’d also appreciate if someone can live blog the event. So someone with a laptop and a wireless card. If you bring a laptop bring some mains and a long plug!

Additionally I’ll need some registrars at the event to take details of everyone that comes in, give them name tags (optional but encouraged), collect their fiver and give them a raffle ticket for the spot prizes. For efficiency it would be good to have at least two people to do this.

And now off to write a press release, an opening speech and to pack the golden envelopes.

Google nabs writely

Thursday, March 9th, 2006

Lets hope they make use of this unlike Blogger and some other bland aquisitions. My god but Google seems to be called bland by me a lot of late. Grey google.

Thoughts on blogging in Ireland – Pride

Thursday, March 9th, 2006

Blog Awards

When I came up with this idea for the Irish Blog Awards, during one of my mental meanderings as I sipped on an iced coffee, I thought there’d be 20 Major blogs at most but holy schmoly was I wrong. I was stunned when I realised there’s at least 1169 and counting.

Blogging can be whatever you make of it, something interesting happens every day and you can have your tuppenceworth on the matter, your tiny timids thoughts can be read by anyone online and your free to state your opinions. I’m sure some people think of blogs as a dossing time where you can play with semantic bits and pieces. Ah sure you know yourself what people are like. My parents think I’m obsessed with blogs and when asked how many I’ve read I said there isn’t a blog I haven’t red, mum.

In fact, ah, blogs can be intensive or relaxed. They can be half arsed, full of shitty first drafts, they can be left to go stale and you could have a year of a big drought or a pretty good year. Looking through the bottom of a glass you might think they are a waste of time but they are yours and you are free to do what you want with them. So most sincerely folks, we are the blogging community at large and we should be proud of that.