No Bernie, I ego aggregate

Bernie wonders do I ego surf which for those that don’t know is using search engines to see where you’re mentioned on the net and maybe to see how high up the Google rankings your site is. I don’t do that. I use RSS searches to monitor what’s said about me online.

I use Bloglines Citations and pubsub to monitor the net for “damien mulley” “Irish blog awards” “irelandoffline” and a few more phrases. I have to say that bloglines citations is superb but pubsub is atrocious. I’ve just this minute decided to try out Icerocket for some ego aggregating so lets see how good it is. What do other people use for rss and web monitoring?

3 Responses to “No Bernie, I ego aggregate”

  1. Mr T says:

    I’m very tempted to post a pic for everyone…

  2. Steven Cohen says:


    I’m sorry that you are not finding PubSub to your liking. I’d be interested in looking at the results that you are getting and I may be able to help.

    One of the best ways to track your “ego” is to not only search for your name but for a link to your blog. In your query, try using This way, every time someone links to your blog, it will come up on PubSub, even if they spell your name wrong. 😉

    Please feel free to contact me and I’ll love to help out.

    Steven Cohen
    PubSub Concepts, Inc

  3. I use for my ego aggregating. I used to monitor it through Thunderbird but now I use Bloglines. It’s so much easier than doing it manually.
    The only problem is when people use “donncha” when they mean “don’t ya” or “doncha”, or that guy posts something!
    Steven – I’ll have to give pubsub a go!