Sligo Tourism Girl Aine is moving up in Google

21st for the search term Sligo on
17th for search term Sligo on

In even more Sligo Tourism news, Aine has now been officially invited on to Podge and Rodge. From the site:

As a result of a recent Sligo Champion feature, brought to the
attention of Podge And Rodge by the lovely Lucy Kennedy,
the lads have kindly invited me to a visit with them at Ballydung Manor!
I have of course, accepted and am over the moon!! 🙂

The only issues to be sorted are the sleeping arrangements and date. Watch this space!

Well done Aine!

3 Responses to “Sligo Tourism Girl Aine is moving up in Google”

  1. that girl says:

    So exactly what is your percentage?

  2. copernicus says:

    I imagine there’ll be a lot of offers re the sleeping arrangements, not least from Jett Loe. She can get the Enterprise back down from Belfast.

  3. potato says:

    Feck Tubridy and Kenny. Podge and Rodje are the Parkinsons of Irish TV.