Wrapup for today

Been up since 0530 this morning. Long day.

Splinster talks about 12 Angry Men and why it breaks the rules of writing. 12 characters. One room for most of the fim. Yet it’s a classic. Break more rules!

Marc talks about Youtube.

Wait for a killer, illegal video to be posted on YouTube – grab a copy yourself and put it on your site -as you’re sure it’ll get yanked down by YouTube soon enough.

I suggest we need a cross between Digg and bittorrent with the content being distributed so it can never be killed off. I go to a restaurant and I can eat my food the way I want and I can play with it before I eat it. Why are the content makers so adamant that people want to the same with digital content and won’t let them? They should have learned by now that humanity is made to disrupt and circumvent. It’s the nature of their nature.

The other Dave interviewed on a podcast. No, not that Dave. Other Dave.

Build a website, win a prize. Via Dela.

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