Saturday 11th Feb Tab closures

Before I watch the latest episode of Battlestar I thought I’d get these bits out of the way:

Via Philipp Lenssen comes maybe the next Million Dollar homepage style idea that doesn’t quite suck like the others. Stuff and me has a Aric Mckeown take a pic of him with your product and it is displayed on his front page for 24 hours and then it goes into his archives and I think goes into some rotating banners ads too. It costs you $15. Doesn’t sound so bad really if the site gains a lot of traffic. Then comes the bit I like. Like Rocketboom, he chooses what the ad will be.

Your suggestions may be used directly in the ad, as a jumping off point for creating the ad, or discarded for something more fun or practicle.

Fake tattoo sleeves. Interesting, but why buy one of these when you can instead go through 14 hours of pain and lots of blood and blow a grand? Much more fun.

Kevin burton points to a great web traffic analysis tool. It visualises you visitors and makes into a Sims like construct. This rocks. Visitorville is looking for salespeople in Ireland. Check out the clever ad which obviously spotted my IP and then generated the ad.

VisitorVille Ad

Tut tut Tower.

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