Agenda Setters – The silent McDowell majority speaks up

It’s Friday. It must be attack someone new day for Herr Flick.

5 Responses to “Agenda Setters – The silent McDowell majority speaks up”

  1. Dave says:

    In fairness what he’s saying is correct. It’s pretty clear that RTE program makers do have agendas. It’s hardly the BBC in terms of lacking bias. He even said a `very small minority’ in the speech I saw on TV.

  2. Damien says:

    But he really can’t bitch about the media yet leak stuff about Sinn Féin and anyone else he sees as a threat. Though as I have been hear saying, you can be a hypocrite and still be right.

  3. John Collins says:

    why can’t the media set agendas? sure, news reporting is supposed to be impartiall, but the media is much more than simple reporting – what about features, interviews etc. in the tech sector do you think the media should have waited for eircom and the government to start discussing broadband roll-out?

  4. tomcosgrave says:

    it’s pretty clear that RTE program makers do have agendas.

    As does Michael McDowell. And he has a small coterie of journalists willing to take whatever he tells them and publish it (the Frank Connolly affair being a recent example), Sam Smyth being the leader. McDowell is a hypocrite, in my humble opinion.

  5. the saint says:

    i am not getting into the Frank Connolly affair again as i made my views clear before. In my opinion McDowell was right in what he did. Personnel Damien I do think a terrorist organisation and the leading cocaine producers in the world are a threat. But that is just me.

    On the subject of agendas i do think he dead right. I mean imagine what would have happened in the media if Michael McDowell had coume out with the comments Pat Rabbitee did about poles. There would be up roar. Calls for McDowell to be put up on Race hate charges Yet everything was fairly quiet. Why? because the majority of the media has an agenda and it is fairly pro-labour and anti- McDowell.