Thursday Afternoon Quick Links

Am really enjoying the The Limerick blog. Be nice to see additional blogs about Dublin news, Galway news, Cork news and so forth. Well done to the folks that put the work in on this blog. I guess the El Paso Times does that for Dundalk. Are there any other blogs like these around?

Josh Spear has some threadless vouchers which allow you to get the t-shirts for 10 bucks. Threadless t-shirts rock. I think I have about 15 of them now.

Via Rick O’Shea comes this comment from the Media Guardian:

The blogger is now mainstream. So why doesn’t every radio DJ have a blog? It’s the most obvious enhancement to every commercial radio station, and would help to transform radio from a “push medium” to one in which listener and DJ are equal, engaging in ongoing dialogue. Stations would be closer to their audiences and DJs would have a wealth of content to use on air. The stations would also achieve a new level of authenticity and honesty, values which people are now demanding of everything from products to politicians.

Why indeed? Why doesn’t every journalist have one too? Especially freelance journalists. It’s a great way for a potential employer to assess your ability. John Collins and I discuss the lack of blogs and rss in various industries. I’d like to see RSS on the jobs websites too and if they don’t then perhaps I’ll hire Jason to build me a scraper and I’ll offer job feeds myself. Hello lawyers!

Get stats on your podcasts with Sonr. Hating the web2.0 nomenclature though this isn’t a bad name and tis apt enough. Seems you track podcasts using their media player. Hmmmm. Not sure will people go with that. Wouldn’t it be better to create some kind of open architecture/API and allow people to develop plugins for existing media players? It’s a good idea and I think those who podcast should be able to get more details on what people like and dislike about podcasts they listen to and without the expense of using massive media statistics companies to find out. An automated solution that honours privacy and treats the audience well can be created I should think. Sonr might be able to do it but I dislike the idea of locking in userinfo into one centralised DB.

5 Responses to “Thursday Afternoon Quick Links”

  1. Kevin says:

    I see the Blog Awards made it into the Indo today. Good show.

  2. Sinéad says:

    As usual, I can never find anything from the Indo in the online version.
    Do you have the link?

  3. Dave says:

    There’ll be movement on `a cork blog’ before you know it! Authors is my issue, them Limerick boys are fairly dedicated!

  4. Kevin says:


    Unfortunately not. The mother reads the Indo, and therefore buys it. Imagine! And I agree that the site is a true nightmare.

  5. Damien says:

    I got the paper yesterday as I was meant to be in it for something else but won’t be in it for another two weeks. The bit on the awards was tiny and was in the Digital Island pullout that’s done by SiliconRepublic. It was a shortened version of the SR piece from Monday.