Press Release for the Awards

Apologies for yet more blog posts about the Blog Awards, normal mindless ranting will resume soon.

I’m going to be putting out a press release about the Blog Awards, giving details about the event, the awards and the time and location. This will be followed up with another release on the night announcing the winners. Where I need your help though is for the end of the release which explains what blogging is and what it can do for individuals and companies. Anyone care to come up with a quick and simple explanation of blogging and why it is beneficial to some? It must be in two short enough paragraphs or less.

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  1. Elana says:

    Blogging is the shortened version of “weblogging”, people keeping diaries online for all to read. All types of subjects are covered, from sex to tech, cooking to kids, gardening to philosophy. Many online users now get most of their news from blogs, as they were very helpful in knowing what was really happening on the ground in Afghanistan and Iraq, and there are many bloggers who have been imprisoned around the world for telling the truth about their countries and the regimes that run them.

  2. “Awards for independently published internet commentators. ”

    “It was said that with the web, everyone has their own printing press. A blog is the result of that printing press. It also allows others to comment on the on what is published. ”

    Use ideas that are already floating around in peoples’ minds. Then attach these ideas to what you want to convey.

    Use simple phrases that sound important. Remember that it is a press release and it has to tell the journo what it is, tell the journo what it does and tell the journo what it is again.

    And make sure that you put a contact e-mail and URL in the press release. I’ve seen technology journalists writing complete articles about websites without actually bothering to give the URL. Don’t assume that any other journo will know everything – lay it all out in simple terms and repeat the important bits.

  3. the saint says:

    Could say something that Bloggers are like opinion columists are something like that.

  4. EWI says:

    s they were very helpful in knowing what was really happening on the ground in Afghanistan and Iraq


  5. copernicus says:

    If you’re looking for a marketing angle I suggest using something like

    Blogging is the “word of mouth” of the information age

    and go on about the way it quickly builds communities and trust among like-minded people or people in particular sectors yada, yada, yada.