This cold/virus thing going around

Anyone else experience this motherfucker of a virus? It started on New Year’s day and I still have it. Chest infection and cold thing and a really nasty and annoying cough. Out sick from work most of last week and have no energy to do anything. It took me about 2 hours to answer that meme from Suzy. Antibiotics run out tomorrow and really have been no help. Woke this morning from fevered dreams and pains all over. Muh. 2006 better improve!

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  1. gus says:

    This cold is a nightmare. I feel for all of you. going on three weks now.

  2. Fergal says:

    God I feel awful. I’ve got a stereo ear infection on top of the cold. Lorrying the augmentin into me and hoping for the best.

  3. MeToo says:

    I caught this same crud in Dec 06 and have it again in Feb 08. It started as a runny nose and a day of 18 hours of exhaustion and sleep, and over the next two days it moved into the lungs. The kicker on this bug is that no matter how diligent you are about using expectorants to clear your sinuses and lungs and whatever vitamins and meds, it seems to inflame the lungs to the point where even cold air will give you a relapse. It took 6 weeks to shake last time, but this year my body seems to have built a little resistance to it. After 9 days I feel better…but I can feel the inflammation in my lungs. I will have to use the steroid inhaler again I think. I went outside in the cold air yesterday and have a mild relapse today. Chemtrails are a reality, think about it…have you ever been on a passenger jet and seen those kind of trails coming out of the engines? I most certainly have not…and my cell phone has NEVER worked at altitude either. No wonder conspiracy is one of the most common charges in the justice system…it happens all the time.

  4. Trish says:

    I was amazed reading all blogs about the cold/virus and how its made its way around the world. I too have battled this virus but do not have it at this point. There is such a thing as germ warfare as chemical warfare for which the military is prepared. I have often wondered about testing of such viruses by releasing them via airborne and tracking them via the IDC or other methods. Bottom line I see EVERYONE using antibiotics or OTC pharmaceuticals to get better. I feel Homeopathy would better suit this horrid virus. Check out ACONITE for acute infectious diseases like the flu or Echinacea as an immune booster. Can’t hurt….might help! Good Luck!

  5. Karen says:

    Wow – I too have had this crap going on 3 weeks now in NC. First started with swollen glands and a sinus infection, took antibiotics for 10 days. 3 days later woke up with horrible sore throat, then next day was in bed with fever and body aches, that was a week ago. Turned into just a nasy cold I guess and now I’m so exhausted I feel like I’m jet lagged. My sinuses are better except I can’t stop blowing my nose, but the exhaustion is the worst. Hoping to get better soon and not get a relapse. Does anyone else feel the jet lag exhaustion?

  6. Amanda says:

    I, too, and in NC. When reading all the symptoms, it seems that there are some similarities definitely, but also some very big differences. My biggest defference with most of the posts is my lack of fever. But the coughing, sore throat (at the onset), and the length of this illness…all of those things are the same.
    I am pregnant and can’t take anything except Tylenol and Robitussin (the basic kind–one ingredient).
    I am coughing so hard that I throw up (mostly toward the end of the day when I am exhausted from the coughing). I get worse if I lay down. My chest hurts and head hurts.
    I’m so tired that eating and drinking are chores for me. Usually if I get sick (which is rare) I try to fight it with vitamins, airborne, echinacea, sometimes homepahic remedies, green tea, lots of water, chicken soup…I usually try it all and that helps me feel as though I have some control. A few days ago, I gave up on all of it. It seems to do nothing. I’m so tired. I’d rather sit and be thirsty than get up and get something. Plus when I do drink something, I can count on throwing up soon. My heartburn (that I only hae when pregnant–never had it before) is very bad with this illness.
    It sounds like most of you agree with the fact that going to see the doctor isn’t going to make much of a difference. Well good, because I don’t feel good enough to go to the doctor. HA.
    If someone comes up with something that works for them, please re-post.

  7. mike d says:

    I’ve got it.
    going on 4 weeks. went from fever and aches on week1 to head cold on week 2 to chest cold on week 3. soups, raw garlic, ginger tea, Vitamin C, echinacea, greens juice all help suppress the symptoms. For the chest congestion, a dollup of Vaporub in hot water, towel over the head and inhale for 5-10 minutes before bed gives a good night sleep.
    Traveling on a plane makes the fever rear it’s ugly head the next day!
    Wondering if any of the bloggers from 2006 can tell me when this hellish virus will vacate my tired body.
    Meantime, misery loves company and I feel better already. Thanks!

  8. Me Too says:

    I finally found a combination of things that broke this colds back. I took a combination of olive leaf extract, sambucol, oregano oil, ester C and an herbal expectorant. In a glass of liquid put about 5-6 oz water, add 1 tsp sambucol, 4-5 drops oregano oil, mix and toss that down. Take 3000 mg ester c and 2-3 olive leaf extract caps and 1 tsp herbal expectorant 3x a day. You will see results fast with this combo. CAUTION: The oregano oil is VERY powerful, some people can’t take it in solution and will need to put the drops in gelcaps. Use ONLY pure oregano oil meant for ingestion. Good luck folks, this did work for me.

  9. Fess says:

    57 year old inCalifornia

    I have had this for 6 weeks off and on. No end in sight,went to work yesterday feeling fine and almost couldn’t get out of bed today.
    I think this cold bug is mutating in our body so fast that it can’t be stopped.

    This is something brand new and the CDC ( center for disease control ) doesn’t know what the heck it is…and that my friends is why their is no reports on the news about it.

  10. Sally says:


  11. Stacie says:

    I feel even more depressed now, knowing it’s not just hitting California, but other countries. How on earth does it ever end? This hit me in Dec. ’07. Come and gone, got all the symptoms of cold and flu. Seems like symptoms change day to day, or week to week. And even in between when I thought I was getting better, I would all of a sudden get a sore throat, but a strange one, on only one side, and if I swallow it hurts in my ear too on that side. And the next day the sore throat would move to the other side. Weird. Now I just have congestion and a cold again. Over and over. For the fortunate people who haven’t experienced this, they just pity me. The hot tea, the rest, and the medicines are all useless. I wish I could reach inside my body, take the virus, and dropkick it far away. I’ve never known anything like this. If I ever get over this, I will truly appreciate my health, and not take it for granted.

  12. CVB NorthFL says:

    I had these symptoms. Sore throat, headaches, fever(high 103), stomach run off, NO energy, body aches, dehydration, frequent urination, severe nose congestion (so bad even if I blew it out it was still so congested that I could not get air to move through it either way at all. I am talking LOTS of blow out!) and coughing that kept me awake most of the time. Very hard to breath.

    I made a place on the floor in the living room to lay down, turned the TV on and pretty much stayed there for a month. It took all my energy to get up to get something to drink or use the bathroom. Had no appetite but ate little to keep stuff moving through.

    Here’s what I took to make it through. Nyquil for the aches and stuff but mostly to get some rest. Chewable vitamin C (I like the taste since nothing else tasted good.) Affrin and 4Way Nasal Sprays, (helped some but not the best.) Never went to a DR or ER.

    After 2 weeks it seemed to go away. At least for one day I was fine. The next day I woke up with it full blast again for another 2 to 3 weeks. A few times I thought I was going to die and so did my wife. She kept asking me if I wanted to go to the ER but I am die-hard and told her that when I collapse and she cant get a response from me to dial 911.

    Then the wife came down with something close to what I had. Took her to ER and they said bronchitis.

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but I remember a terrorists statement they let out that they were going to do something much bigger than 9-11 to US and UK, plus other countries. Could this be what they meant? Are we that has had ts doomed? Really feel NSA should look into this!

    Hope the best for all of us.

  13. CVB NorthFL says:

    Also I forgot to mention this.
    A way to keep a cold away is to use the peeling of a Naval Orange.
    Take a piece of the peeling and squeeze it between your fingers and thumb, then snort the little juice into the nostrils. (Don’t touch the nose as the ascorbic acid will burn. Irritating)
    Do this a few times during the cold season and you will not get a cold or it will stop a cold if it is in its early stages.

    I used it for the last 11 years and never had a cold.

    Of course this last bout was no ordinary cold.

  14. Georgie says:

    Can somebody tell me the name of this virus? Has anyone had a sputum culture done? My 77-year-old father’s had it for 8 weeks now and has lost about 50 lbs. I’ve had it for 4.5 weeks, and am not over it. It started with a scratchy throat, swollen glands, headache, and within a week I felt as if I had pneumonia. I was wheezing, coughing, couldn’t sleep… The doctor gave me antibiotics and I saw some very minor improvement from day to day, but after 7 days I still wasn’t cured and now symptoms come and go. There are days when I’m almost normal, and days when I need to lie down early and get plenty of rest, or else I feel it all over again. The colour of my snot (sorry!!) is still greenish yellow, and yes, it tastes vile. I had an ultrasound of the lymph nodes on my neck and they were all swollen–the technician said they looked like lit up Christmas trees! After two weeks, I stopped taking anything for this. Occasionally, about once a week, I take Advil for the headaches, but other than that medication does nothing against this awful bug. I have lots of friends with it, and symptoms vary slightly from person to person (some have severe sinus congestion, others chest pain). What’s common is how long this thing goes on for, and the fatigue that comes with it: it’s almost like having mononucleosis, asthma, and a really bad flu.bronchitis, all combined into one. Unbelievable. But what I find really weird is that, other than this thread, I find no website that can give me actual scientific information about this samned virus.