Fast 50 – Slow to blog

In an earlier post I was asking about there being a Fortune 500 for Ireland and there appears to be but you have to buy the cd of it. The reason I was asking was to do the same as Chris Anderson’s Fortune 500 Business Blog Index. Instead I used the Deloitte Fast 50 list which I thought would have modern enough “cutting edge” companies who may know something about blogging. Well, I was mistaken.

At least they all had websites, but none had blogs. It makes you wonder how many in business that are not actually blogging, have heard of blogs? Of those that have business blogs, is it only IT companies? What also struck me about the list is how so very very bad and ugly some of the sites were. All was missing from some of the sites was the old Blink tag or “Best Viewed in Internet Explorer 4”.

Without further ado, here are the sites:

01 Data Electronics Services Ltd
02 Alltracel Pharmaceuticals plc
03 Digiweb Ltd
04 Meridio
05 Bard na nGleann
07 Sabeo Technologies Ltd
08 BookAssist
09 tns distribution
10 Lagan Technologies Ltd
11 Exoftware Agile Solutions Ltd
12 MediaOne Ltd
13 Puca Technologies
14 Crannog Software Ltd
15 PulseLearning Ltd
16 Level Seven Creative
17 Medicom Medical Computer Solutions Ltd
18 Terminal Four
19 Real Time Systems Ltd
20 Texthelp Systems Ltd
21 Mapflow
22 Singularity
23 Ash Technologies Ltd
24 Clearscape
25 Version 1 Software Ltd
26 Electric Paper
27 Compass Informatics Ltd
28 Performance Fluid Dynamics (PFD) Ltd
29 ITS New Media Ltd
30 Core Systems NI Ltd
31 Datacare Software Group Ltd
32 Quantum Healthcare Informatics
33 iQon Technologies Ltd
34 Strencom
36 Biznet Solutions
37 Webtrade Ltd
38 ANDOR Technology plc
39 System Solutions Ltd
40 Partners in Europe
41 Stockbyte
42 Consilium Technologies Ltd
43 Globoforce
44 InterFusion Networks
45 Williams Industrial Services Ltd
46 Prologic Data Management Ltd
47 First Derivative plc
48 VistaTEC Ltd
49 Nitec Solutions Ltd
50 Conduit plc

7 Responses to “Fast 50 – Slow to blog”

  1. Twenty Major says:

    TwentyCorp PLC started with a blog. Now it just needs a shiny HQ, a purpose and millions of Euros of venture capital.

  2. frankp says:

    I’m sure blogging would be worth considering for a lot of these companies, but I wonder at the end of the day how many would actually benefit from having one…?

    And by that I mean, in part, how many could actually create a meaningful blog…

  3. Michele says:

    Which ones have blogs?

  4. Damien says:

    At least they all had websites, but none had blogs.


  5. Michele says:

    Sorry! Misread that

  6. […] The Irish Fortune 50 all have websites but none have blogs. I’m surprised as 11 more fortune 500 companies have blogs since this post last december. […]

  7. davey says:

    Who gives a shit. Want blogs… go to bebo… These companies have done well. Typical Irish attitude.. Find something wrong, glass half empty etc. You keep blogging while real companies get on with making real money