Morning becomes Eclectic Video Podcasts

Via MacWorld: Good news for music gourmands, Morning Becomes Eclectic is now going to do video podcasts. If you don’t know what MBE is, think of it as Pet Sounds but during the Ray D’Arcy slot and they do podcasts already. How great would it be to hear such good music while at work or college and now see videos too? The audio podcasts would interest me more but it is good to see that already 2006 may become the year of the video podcast. Bell X1 did a great show a few months back on it. That’s how I found them.

One Response to “Morning becomes Eclectic Video Podcasts”

  1. Hi, I love this show and am surprised so few people have heard of it! Any other suggestions for eclectic radio? Cheers, Sheelagh