Meaty Christmas

Today was the first time since the end of August/start of September that I had meat. I decided to challenge myself as I do when I get bored, so the challenge back then was to be a veggie for an extended period. No meat or fish. As I progressed with this new diet I decided that December 25th would be the day I end the madness, I had hoped to do it for a year. And madness it was as I found my health deteriorating, I lost a good bit of muscle mass and I gained a lot more body fat. See, I’m not a good cook or a cook of any type and I think to have a proper veggie diet one needs to know how to make more than pasta. Too much carbs and not enough good proteins has damaged me.

So I started off breakfast this morning with an amazing piece of very rare steak. Mmm, dripping with blood which mixed nicely with my scrambled eggs. I’ll have to hit the gym soon now and help recover all that lost chest, arm and shoulder muscle. I think I’ll see an end to the lingering heartburn which I was experiencing too. Happy Meatmass!

3 Responses to “Meaty Christmas”

  1. Rob says:

    You should have eaten lentils and chickpeas and so on…

  2. simon says:

    Go MEAT.

    Oh ya I went for a Cream liquor and chocolate chessecake in the end.

  3. wulfbeorn says:

    Vegetarianism can be satisfying for a while, but it is very hard to keep it going for long. I don’t know whether it’s the taste or the nutrition or whatever, but eating meat does appear to be our natural state, one which is very difficult to change. Four months is quite a while to go without it.