Just Meebo, myself and I – Meebo wishlist

Bow down and worship Meebo. It’s a great AJAXian application. Nice secure access to your various Instant Messaging applications, all via a browser. Very very handy if you have firewalls in work or school or college. All your IM clients open in one browser window.

But I want more from Meebo now. It isn’t enough anymore. I’d like to see the ability to browse some sites inside Meebo. Like that mini-browser extension for firefox (I couldn’t find the link to it, can someone send it to me?) which allows you to have a mini-browser inside a webpage, I think it would be sweet to click a link in an IM window in Meebo and have the option for it to be loaded in another IM window. If I recall all communications between my browser and Meebo are encrypted? The idea is Meebo serves me the webpages that it downloads for me, so if I have a nannystate firewall I circumvent it with Meebo.

This however could mean that the nannywalls would then block the Meebo site but perhaps there might be ways to come to an agreement with some companies. If the content does not pass through the company servers unencrypted then they might be more relaxed.

Essentially I’d like for meebo to be a VPN via the browser, imagine as well as IM, meebo connected to my home pc and allowed me to access my harddrive. “Feck” says he “I left that word doc at home.” “Why not Meebo it” says his work colleague. “Ah yeah”.

If we can have Linux in a screensaver, why not have VNC and VPN using Meebo?

4 Responses to “Just Meebo, myself and I – Meebo wishlist”

  1. katie says:

    please wen you find out sum numbers or nefin for meebo so we can go on then at skool email me them. coz i need sumits else to do while i do my work! please email me, thanx katie. xxxx

  2. Chat says:

    I see Mr. Mulley that you discovered meebo well before me!

    For Katie check the meebo blog for how to login from “skool”.

    Damien please translate into katie’s laguage for her.

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