IrishBlog Awards Venue

Rightso. Date: Last Saturday of January. Venue:Piaras has found 4 Dame Lane in Dublin to be quite suitable for the Blog Awards but they want 200 people to attend if we want the place for free. Think we can manage that? Seriously now. It would mean bloggers bringing 4-5 friends each to this event. Can you do this?

5 Responses to “IrishBlog Awards Venue”

  1. Cloud says:

    It sounds like a tall order – I can manage 5 friends anyway 🙂

    So again with the co-location idea, would adding podcasts to it help?

  2. Its a nice venue. Organised a Designers Guild event there before. You will need a decent sound system so everyone can hear whats going on over the sound of the bar and chatting. Also cost of drinks is very high. And make sure you get sole occupancy of it and that they dont open it up to everyone later in the night.

  3. frankp says:

    It’s not in Cork?? 🙁


    5 friends… who would be interested and not already reading this and going anyway… hmmm…. will try!

  4. Ed Byrne says:

    Ed ‘Hey lads … fancy coming to a blog awards party tonight’
    Lads ‘WTF is that? Free booze?’
    Ed ‘Nope. Blogs are a form of social media, to help ….’
    Lads ‘zzzzzz…zzzzzz…zzzzz…shut up Ed, we’re not going to some tech event’
    Ed ‘Shizzle … now I won’t reach my quota of 5 friends to gain entry’

    I wouldn’t be too optimistic about getting 200, and if we don’t have sole occupancy it’ll be ruined.

    Why not start a wiki attendance list, like the techcamp one, and base the venue on the numbers? You’re welcome to create a page at the techcamp wiki.