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Adsense for Angel Funding, Adsense for Charity

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2005

Kevin Burton ups the ante on community angel funding by discussing how supporters of his (like the ones who donated a few quid a few weeks ago) could leverage their website to host AdSense ads that he’d benefit from. That’s fantastically clever and very easy to implement way of making some cash.

I actually didn’t know that you could host your AdSense ads on another site not owned by you. This is quite interesting. It could be quite a good way actually of funding new initiatives in various suburbs of the blogosphere. I’m just thinking that if everyone on the IrishBlogs list or on Planet of the Blogs list added an Adsense ad to their main page, it could help to fund a dedicated programmer to work on a project that would benefit everyone that blogs in Ireland or maybe the ad money could be used to donate money to a group that protects online civil rights.

Then again coming up to Christmas the ads could be used for the secret santa project or given to a worthy childrens charity.

Tuesday Linkages and quick comments

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2005

Thirsty Work – Wine Book with hip attitude. Jamie Oliver’s wine guy. Wine without the pretention?

Another view about Google Print. This is more in-line with my thinking. Why doesn’t Google make it opt-in and not opt-out? Why don’t they join the Open Content Alliance?

Suzy on same-sex partnership rights. Even Labour are now backing away from supporting equal rights.

Tony Bowden on issues with FOI requests. I’ve done quite a lot, though none in the past while, some orgs are quite helpful and some will interpret the guidelines for their own agendas and refuse to give anything away. One great excuse I heard was that I was not provided with details of how much the statutory instrument payed consultants as this would harm the business of the consultants as their competitors would know how much they were payed and could undercut them the next time. In fucking fairness!

Who would have thought working on a Trawler could be so interesting?

Top Thirty facts about Chuck Norris. Chuck doesn’t sleep, he waits.

Bytecasting – Cooking up compilations

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2005

Robin comes up with the idea of bytecasting. And I like:


  • Asterix Server
  • Mobile phone
  • An event
  • RSS Feedreader

How to cook: Take a mobile phone user, mix with an event like a conference, phone the asterix server, do a thinly sliced podcast, decorate with newly created tags or ones you’ve prepared earlier and serve to the feedreading public.

In english, what am I on about? Podcasting via mobile phone at an event. Allowing multiple people to send in podcasts that all get wonderfully served out as one podcast as a medley or compilation of views of the event. As a bonus you could subscribe only to specific tags and in doing so skipping the podcast from that eejit who is always negative. So, you can get the podcasts of everyone that went to an event in one big podcast delivered to you, or the podcasts of the people who are just talking about the talk on Web 3.14.

Clever idea and has some interesting uses I’d say.

MEPs say sharing flight data is bogus – EU Legal dude agrees

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2005

RTE Reports that the Advocate General said sharing flight data with the US is illegal. Well done to the EU Parliament for protecting EU citizens by trying to get this stopped. Typical that this was pushed into Law when Ireland had the EU Presidency, like they tried to do with software patents.

An agreement by EU governments to give the US Homeland Security Department details of all passengers flying between the EU and the US has been cast in doubt by one of the EU’s top law officers.

The Advocate General, the top legal advisor of the European Court of Justice, says that last year’s air passenger data agreement must be annulled because it breached EU law. – Busiest site in Ireland

Monday, November 21st, 2005

1212 users online at the same time. Woah.

SSE – Simple Sharing Extensions for RSS and OPML

Monday, November 21st, 2005

Winer goes all fanboy on the new Microsoft Simple Sharing Extensions Initiative. Posted in irishblogs | 1 Comment »

Brokeback Mountain

Monday, November 21st, 2005

The NY Observer recently reviewed Brokeback Mountain and are very positive about it. Quick summary is that it is a love story about two cowboys set in the 1950s. View the Brokeback Mountain trailer here. Lots of talk about Oscar potential. Nice little quote:

Brokeback Mountain declares that boy-on-boy is the new girl-on-girl.

The reviewer also mentions the fact that some men will probably walk from the show, though everyone going to it is bound to know it is as “that gay cowboy story”. Reminds me of when I went to see Cronenberg’s Crash and a few people walked out when *that scene* happened.

It’ll be interesting to see how many men will be in the audience to see this and of them how many will be straight and how many will walk. From what the reviewer says this movie is probably going to be marketed to the Oprah demographic so women and gay men I guess. I’d be interested to see a mainstream gay movie for a change that doesn’t involve drag or the main characters dying from AIDS, though it appears that one guy still cheats on his wife. Ah well, guess you can’t have it all!

Stars – Calendar Girl – Lyrics

Sunday, November 20th, 2005

Listened to the Stars album “Set Yourself On Fire”. Thought the first two tracks were good but the rest of the album descended into “blah blah blah” noise fairly fast. People compared them to Arcade Fire, nah, don’t think so. Anyway, Joe reminded me to listen to the last track again, called Calendar Girl. That could actually be the best track on the album. Good choice sir. Kind of has a dark twist to it too.

If I am lost for a day; try and find me
But if I don’t come back, then I won’t look behind me
All of the things that I thought were so easy
Just got harder and harder each day
December is the darkest and June is the light but this empty bedroom won’t make anything right
While out on the landing a friend I forgot to send home
Who waits up for me all through the night

Calendar girl whos in love with the world Stay alive
Calendar Girl whos in love with the world Stay alive

I dreamed I was dying; as I so often do
And when I awoke I was sure it was true
I ran to the window; threw my head to the sky
And said whoever is up there,please don’t let me die
But I can’t live forever,I can’t always breath
One day I’ll be sand on a beach by a sea
The pages keep turning, I’ll mark off each day with a cross
And I’ll laugh about all that we’ve lost

Calendar Girl who is lost to the world
Stay Alive
Calendar Girl who is lost to the world Stay Alive
January,February,March,April,May I’m alive
June,July,August,September,October I’m alive
November,December,yah all through the winter, I’m alive
I’m alive

Web based aggregator – Suggestions

Saturday, November 19th, 2005

Right, I want to stick up a web based aggregator on one of my domains for aggregating sites with a certain theme. I’ve seen a few different aggregators around the place but what I ideally want is something that looks as simple Planet of the Blogs but won’t kill my server at the same time. It needs to be simple to install as I’m no longer the tech god I once wished I could be. To start with it will only be polling 20 or so blogs.

John Breslin – Net Visionary

Saturday, November 19th, 2005

I forgot to post about this yesterday. Congratulations to John Breslin on finally getting the recognition he deserves. You deserve many more awards too John.