Closing tabs – Thu 10th Nov

Via James is a link to the inline MP3 player

Going to will get you all mp3s with the tag “Irish”. Click on the ickle blue triangle on the left and the file will start playing. Inline media players are becoming quite popular. I really like the Google Video one, it appears to load really fast. Wonder will we see a Web 2.0 version of the Microsoft Media Player?

Via MeFi is a link to the Wikipedia entry on Michael Power – a Guinness marketing persona who has starred in his own movie to drive the Guinness brand in Africa. Not a fan of marketing but this seems like quite an interesting idea and it payed off hugely.

The campaign worked. Guinness led the African beer market by 50% in 2000. Brand recognition reached a reported 95%, and volume growth rose up to 50% in some markets.

kevin Burton on how Memeorandum can be rigged so easily. What is it with peoples love of that site? It’s so fucking ugly. It doesn’t seem to have the newest news more than the news everyone thinks is new.

BoingBoing talks about the Red paperclip meme. This started with a red paperclip and swapped it for something slightly greater in value. He wants to keep going til he gets a house. I wish him the best of luck. Like this quote:

About 100 people visited the site yesterday, and about 20 000 showed up today.

I’d buy an iPod just for these covers.

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  1. Thanks for reminding me Damien – I’d forgotten to tag the 2nd and 3rd episodes of “A Diary of Something or Other – an Irishman’s adventure in Spain”.

    That’s one issue I have with tagging – how terribly manual a chore it is. Yes, I know there are ways of making it less manual, like using TypePad categories for instance but still…