Google: Paying for installing Firefox, Yahoo stealing their lunches?

Google now has a program where you can earn money for those you turn onto AdSense or Firefox. Course this version of Firefox has the Google Toolbar installed. Wonder will this please Microsoft?

Speaking of all things Goog Evelyn Rodriguez corrects Scoble on how Google works. She even provides notes on their product development from a speech by a Goog staffer. Scoble is getting a bit excited about this disruption crap lately. He’s like a cheerleader on a sugar high forgetting which team she is supporting.

Actually, one last Google bit. Yahoo employees getting free Google lunches? I’d love it if this was true.

non-Google employees are making a game out of getting onto the Google campus, without an escort, and eating a free lunch … my understanding is that many or all of these people are Yahoo employees.

Omidyars pledge $100 million for microfinance. Microfinance is a clever way of giving aid to developing countries without making it a handout and encouraging sustainable growth. The teach a man to fish mantra.

One Response to “Google: Paying for installing Firefox, Yahoo stealing their lunches?”

  1. Michele says:

    The firefox referral program is only available to publishers in the US.