about this IIA Netvisionary thingy

Now that voting on nominees has closed I can say that I’ve been nominated for the IIA Netvisionary Award in the Social Contribution category. I decided not to comment on it or solicit for votes for my own weird reasons. There’s nothing wrong with nominees asking people to vote for them either, I’m sure in the distant future I’ll be massively pimping myself in order for people to vote for me but now I’d like to see how things go without me saying a thing.

I’d like to see John Breslin win this award but I’m not sure will he because his co-owner of Boards.ie won it last year. That award last year should at least have had John as the co-nominee in my opinion. John’s attitude to growing boards.ie has seen it evolve from a few forums for Quake fans to a 600 strong forum with 40,000 members, conversing in their 1000s every day and every hour. It has brought people together, it has spawned campaigns that forced eircom to introduce broadband, it has formed and sealed friendships and it has had people fall in love. And all from a bit of software and a cool attitude.

That’s a social contribution. I’m delighted to be classed as one of his peers.

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