Yahoo IM and MSN to interoprate – The IM war begins.

Via InsideMicrosoft comes talk about MSN and Yahoo IM working together to allow their networks to access each other.

This was predicted a while ago in a DrunkenBlog article called 1,2,3,4 — I Declare IM War.

InsideMicrosoft has screenshots of YahooIM with MSN contacts added in.

Next prediction from DrunkenBlog is GTalk becomes (and prob is already) amulti-protocol chat client for Windows. This means you can add in Yahoo and MSN and AOL.

Too stop this it looks like Yahoo, MSN and AOL will try and lock out GTalk by making people upgrade to new clients which will allow the services to talk to each other but not with GTalk.

Specifically, sometime in the near future, all three services are going to be releasing new versions of their software and “Sunsetting” all older versions of their Windows clients.

Nothing like a new war in the tech world to entertain the nerds!

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