Yahoo! Blog search kind of almost is better than Google Blog Search

Yesterday Yahoo! brought out their podcast section and gave iTunes serious competition. Today Yahoo brings out their Blog search which is integrated with Yahoo! News Search. Yahoo! says the results include blogs, Flickr photos and My Web links. But Tom Raftery pointed out some flaws, big ones really:

the blog search results are hidden away in a sidebar of the main results on the right hand side of the page. This is the part of many web pages which contains ads and consequently is ignored subconsciously by most users.

Yup, they do look like ads. Shame really. Surely they could integrate them into the main results in some way?

Speaking of Yahoo, via Jeremy Zawodny comes information that kids really don’t use Yahoo at all. Google is it for them along with MySpace and FaceBook. Murdoch’s purchase may have been worth it after all.

Nathan Weinberg points out that Google has brought in tagging of a sort:

Google has silently added a Bookmarks feature to My Search History, enabling you to quickly tag and comment any web page you’ve visited.

There is also an auto-complete ability for tags. Trés handy.

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