Goodbye Bloglines – Google Reader just landed

Google Reader – simple bloody name. Not a bad interface. The best thing is you can import and export OPML files. Going to import my bloglines OPML now.

What else? TAGS! Well, labels, as per GMail. Handy handy!

More on John Battelle’s site AND a very very interesting snippet which I will post in another post, just to get more Google juice. Google also announced its work on determining sex of a person using pattern recognition in photos. This is a first step toward ID’ing faces, then searching by face.

Hmm. Anyone else think the Google site is very slowass? Slower than Technorati at the moment!

EDIT: 15 minutes later and it is still importing my 120 feeds. Jesus this is painful!

EDIT 2: What horseshit. Beta it may be, but Google are the ones that made Beta something so professional that it outclassed release candidate material. Not this time.


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