Rick Segal – Enough with the Web 2.0 Bollox

Rick is sick of this Web 2.0 bollox:

Having said that, enough already with this Web 2.0 nonsense. We are doing the same thing we always do when “new” has “newer” come along. We hype the snot out of it and crap all over the ‘old stuff’.

Blogs are the new new which is the new brown which is the new black. I remember the good ole days of WAP and how that would set the world on fire. I wish someone would have set a WAP PR bunny on fire. WiMax, there’s another sinner. Petrol, sugar, frozen orangejuice – Napalm some marketer scum and his dumbass client. How to succeed in this new age: Just build apps with the tech you have and stop being a marketing whore. The best way to pimp your product is to turn it from vapourware into ShitThat’sImpressiveWare.

Do you really need some dumbfuck marketing guru who only has the ability to “buzzerize” your product? Did FireFox need someone to give them a sexy name? If it changed its name in the morning most people wouldn’t give a damn.

Meanwhile look at Ning.

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