Shambolic MS lawyers asskicked by Chemistry student | Other links

‘He turned his mistake back on Microsoft, however, accusing it of deceptive sales practices, since the agreement had essentially been hidden from him. “How could I sign the agreement if I’d never opened the software? It didn’t make any sense,” he says.’

EULAs are the Devils work. From Dave comes a David kicking the shit out of Microsoft Lawyer Goliaths story. Student sells on legally bought MS Software and they sue him. But he won after doggedly refusing to back down.

How Bob the millionaire became a pirate. Because the TV and Movie studios are dionaurs, the way they operate encourages piracy. Nice illustration of this point.

Mobile phones to be more secure to prevent theft and fraud yet at the same time will take away the ability to move providers.

JotSpot Live – Live, Group, Note-taking.

RSS Security Part1, RSS Security Part2.

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