But then the brain exploded right there in front of me…

Via Google Blogoscoped. Sorry, Gotta Go – a website of wav sounds to use when you are on the phone. Press the Knock on Door one or dozens of others to create an excuse for ending a phone convo.

Connectivity as a utility. I’d been thinking all along about broadband being classed as a utility. Interesting idea.

Google moving into classifieds. Woah. Bye bye yellow pages. Craigslist shows what the yellow pages should be all about anyway.

Microlending in African countries.

Sneaky ways of bringing in the Broadcast Flag.

Not able to see your fav TV show? Rent My DVR will sort it. Simply have someone record the show and send it to you. They charge of course.

Ideal for podcasters! How To Build a Telephone Recording Circuit from an Old Modem. One needs to solder and stuff. A job for Dave.

Esquire submits a document to Wikipedia to let the members edit it. Dozens of errors later, the collaborative work of the Wikipedians have corrected all the errors in the document. Wikipower once again. Esquire were impressed.

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