Google Toolbar for Firefox | Project Comet and other cool tools

Google Toolbar for Firefox is out of Beta. Has Google suggest built in. Bam. Right back at you Yahoo!

SixApart announce Project Comet. Looks like they are kicking blogging up a notch. Still not gone to 11 on it though. I like the Community Aggregation idea.

via James Enck comes Gush – a newsreader and IM tool and more. It can use Google Talk too. I like the SplitChat ability and the ability to send the same message to lots of people. Write Once Read Many as a guru pointed out to me.

Recommendation tools aren’t all that cool says the LA Times.

Prisoner Inventions. Wow.

I never noticed GMail had an undo button.

iPod Nano Thong. Jesus.

Amazing Arty Photos taken with just a camera phone. Gifted artists don’t need good tools. They can create beauty out of anything.

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