Froday night links – Introverts,

Caring for your introvert.

Blogger now has AdSense intregration. It’d be great if Movable Type and Word Press came with default installs that allowed you to do this. As well as bringing about blogrolls, delicious, flickr, picassa, Amazon referrals etc. Input some initial account information when you first create your blog and then sit back and relax as the money comes in, or doesn’t.

I guess Yahoo 360 did this idea where you logged in and read your feeds and could blog about them too but the fact is most people don’t have integrating aggregators and blogs. Perhaps they should. One interface to manage your blog , photos, feeds and so much more. AND not locking you into Yahoo only properties.

Oooh. Skype will be used as a delivery platform for all things digital says James Enck. That would make a lot more sense. Skype afterall is also a P2P application. Bringing Voice to you and downloads which you can pay for using Paypal, which can be bought via Ebay. That would be pretty damned nifty.

Meanwhile MS is quite worried that the platform is moving from the desktop to the net. In fairness this CNet Article is nothing new and many have been harping on about this for years. Still, MS are probably going to be pissed with the discussion it generates.

Mad cool marketing idea. Bubblewrap in the shape of Sony PlayStation buttons. Cute marketing technique.

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