WikiFiction / BlogPulse

Google Blogoscoped comes the idea from Biz Stone about Wikifiction in Print. Says Biz:

A real book made out of paper and all the rest of it; but it’s coated with e-ink and has a wireless receiver in the spine that activates when the book is closed.

The story inside the book is collectively edited online just like Wikipedia. The on-board receiver picks up the signal and the e-ink makes the necessary edits. The result is a kind of living book.

That’s a pretty nifty idea. You could also do the same for authors who write a series of books like Wheel of Time and so forth. When a new book comes out it is pegged on to that book. Or one could have a serialised book where every two weeks a new chapter is written and added to the book. I’d love to see a kids book that writes itself as the child reads through it. You can’t skip to the end of the book then!

Just found The BlogPulse tools today. Very handy things.

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