Blogday – August 31st. Do more than required.

3108 This!

BlogDay is on August 31st and it asks bloggers:

  1. Find 5 new Blogs that you find interesting
  2. Notify the 5 bloggers that you are recommending them as part of BlogDay 2005
  3. Write a short description of the Blogs and place a link to the recommended Blogs
  4. Post the BlogDay Post (on August 31st) and
  5. Add the BlogDay tag using this link: and a link to the BlogDay web site at

The blogs I’ll pick are probably ones I wouldn’t have normally picked. Most of those in my blogroll are males so for a fresh view of things I think I’ll go pick a few female blogs. No, gender shouldn’t matter but there is a difference between female bloggers and male bloggers. To open my mind I need to read more opinions of those who have different thoughts to my own and different interests.

However, maybe we should do more than just link to these 5 blogs. Perhaps we should also add them to our blogroll? That’s what I’m going to do anyway. If I don’t like them I can unsubscribe.


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