Someone may pay you to stop telling everybody else your ideas

Rowan Nairn has some good advice on his blog which I found via a comment on James Corbett’s post about an Irish Geek get-together. So yes, Rowan advised:

Put your ideas out there. They are worth more to you as advertisements or previews of what you can do than they promise hope of single-handed exploitation. You want a patron who recognises your brain’s capacity to generate new ideas as a more valuable commodity than any individual idea. It’s hard to get someone to pay you to start having ideas from nothing, but someone may pay you to stop telling everybody else your ideas.

Nicely said. That’s why I sent out the idea. Get some feedback and if some hacker wanted to take the idea and run with it, then more power to her. I’d even be happy for the domain to be used. I’ve got loads of ideas and I cannot use for work or for pleasure or for any campaigning work I do. Maybe someone will end up here via a Google search, find the idea and use it.

Anyways, not seen Rowan’s blog before but I’ll keep tuned now. Hey Rowan!

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