Google Desktop 2 Launches – Big Brother Calling

Inside Google reviews Google Desktop 2. Some interesting quotes.

Okay, it is getting a bit scary how this program somehow knows a lot about me. Despite that I received this computer from the factory 9 days ago and never previously installed any Google product on it, it has indexed something on my system to determine some websites I’ve been to recently and added their RSS feeds.

Desktop 2 also has a timeline, viewing all the pages you’ve been to and emails and chats you’ve received, in order. It even digs into the past nicely. You can add networked drives to be indexed.

Looks like Google Desktop Search has turned from a search program to a fully featured “Dashboard” offering everything to everyone. Lets hope it got the mix right. Automatically adding in RSS feeds of sites you’ve visited is quite interesting. Are they going to compete with bloglines directly with this kind of thing? Getting there well ahead of Vista too should help to get more control of the RSS aggregation market.

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