IrelandOffline 2005 Survey – Please Fill it in

Link to IrelandOffline Survey

IrelandOffline have released their 2005 survey. There’s about 50 questions in it and hopefully if we get enough people answering it, it should give a good snapshot of how people feel about Internet access and Internet issues.

It was launched around midnight tonight, I emailed the membership list about it today and so far 200 people have filled it in. We’re going to run this for another few weeks and launch the survey results at our AGM on Sept 10th in Buswell’s.

Most of the questions relate to internet access and prices, but at the end we tagged on some consumer trends type questions.

Some interesting results so far:

Do you download favourite tv shows?
No – 61.86%
Yes – 38.14%

Do you download audio books?
No – 72.96%
Yes – 27.04%

Do you have a portable digital music player?
No – 25.76%
Yes – 74.24%

Do you have a digital still camera?
No – 12.69%
Yes – 87.31%

Do you read blogs?
No – 31.00%
Yes – 69.00%

Have you listened to podcasts?
No – 71.28%
Yes – 28.72%

Have you used Skype?
No – 47.50%
Yes – 52.50%

Have you used VoIP?
No – 44.78%
Yes – 55.22%

Blogs, Skype and VoIP are all popular.

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