Word to Blogger – How important is this?

With the new Word interface for Blogger there is no need for the browser is there? Control goes back to the Operating System and Microsoft Office. The main money spinner for Redmond.

MS really does want to get into RSS and Blogs. Vista is meant to have RSS support. How much we don’t know. Blogger then is one of the biggest spaces around. I’m sure it would be a good trial for MS to see how this goes and then offer the service to typepad and all the rest. Shouldn’t there be a toolbar for MSN Spaces too?

It is interesting that Google and MS worked together on this with MS wanting to tackle Google and Google apparently wanting to move more of the operating system on to their servers and away from MS. I guess they’ve not become enemies yet. Oooh, I wonder what the conspiracy nuts would think if they worked far more closely together?

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