Irishblogs lazyweb suggestion – Pub Reviews, Restaurant Reviews

I’ve an idea for the in regards to using tags to allow aggregators like PlanetOfTheBlogs and IrishBlogs to find specific information. For now it would be pub and restaurant reviews. With everyone now having blogs, why should they reproduce their content on other sites when all other sites have to do is scrape theirs?

Ryan has an excellent Pub Review site but to add content to it he has to have dedicated posters who he trusts. What if PlanetOftheBlogs aggregated any posts on his site and anyone elses in their list of blogs that had the tag ? Same goes for restaurant reviews. Let the people do the work of tagging their reviews and even submitting the url of their rss feeds, besides seeking out reviewers.

The benefit for Ryan and his site would be an increase in traffic as the central aggregator would probably send far more people to him.

Maybe this could be added on to the to-do list for John Breslin? I know you’re reading this John. 🙂

I came up with this idea after Jarvis pointed to this review of Dinnerbuzz and it seems like a perfect idea for the Irish boggersphere. With a few use of tags such as or or it could be easily implemneted by some clever programmers i.e. NOT me.

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