FAO Joe Bloggs from the Tribune

The Blog section in the Sunday Tribune, which as Piaras mentions got bumped up to page 13 mentions my little rant about the Irish Examiner and Archiseek.

The bit that got my attention though was their comment:

We don’t have the space for all the details, but two things are worth noting. First, it is interesting to see Irish subjects of newspaper articles offering rebuttals online. Second, none of the blog entries actually link to or quote the allegedly offending Examiner article, which deprives the bloggers of their key weapoins of context–and just makes them sound like whingers.

Curiously, we were unable to locate the article on the Examiner’s own website.

Firstly, I like how you find it interesting that the subjects give rebuttals online, so this is mine:

Lads, the story we mentioned was the Irish Examiner getting its facts wrong, well, that’s actually being too nice, they twisted facts so much that they were pretzel-shaped and then you asked how come we never linked to the story online, yet the posts myself and others linked to showed it was never put online. Scanned in copies were posted on the Archiseek forum though. Ooops!

Secondly and going back to what you were saying about giving rebuttals to stories, how about having an online forum where everyone can give their comments on the stories that were in the Tribune? And I don’t just mean some letters to the editor email address where some letters may get published. You’ve done very well giving a roundup of the Irish blogs on a weekly basis, now go another step further and have an editors blog or a forum with free discussion.

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