Mixed bag: Death of the firewall, Wired finds GTD, DMCA being abused again…

Wired Discovers GTD. Took them long enough. I’m sure this will get bigger for a while and then the fad will end and someone will find a carb-free version to distract themselves with.

Speaking of GTD, here comes Next Action and online GTD program to keep you chugging along and being efficient and productive.

The Firewall is Dead. Are the days of restrictive firewalls dead, to be replaced with tougher DMZs? I think firewalls will be used along with other things. Eventually I guess everything will go through packet analyers once they become easier and cheaper to use.

From security to blackhat SEO tricks.
How to use the DMCA to have websites blacklisted by Yahoo! Dangerous this is that DMCA and such a stupid law that it allows a lot of abuse.

Whitehouse gets a battering over Rove. Funny how the press let this all but drop running up to the election. Now that silly season is upon us we get to read about this. Still shows the press has a long way to go to restore the trust that they lost from some of the people.

The Logic of Suicide bombing. It does need discussion I guess.

Fireants into genetic engineering. Males and females wage war and remove the DNA of the other sex to ensure their own sex is born/harvested. I think I read that this weekend when I was reading the book “Emergence”.

RSS Clustering. *Shrug* RSS and Usability I guess. Will look at it later. Simpy’d it for now.

Just for Fixer. 100 quick and easy healthy foods.

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