Back from London, a city that won’t be beaten

Back from London after going there to see Sigur Ros in Somerset House. Fantastic gig. Some Sigur Ros gig pics here. I’m tempted to go see them in Boston in Sept after that show.

I noticed too that Kottke seems to be a fan of theirs.

But back to the people of London. They won’t let something like the latest terrorist attack stop them from being and from getting on with life. While there was heightened security and a greater sense of worry about security I don’t think it will make people change their lives and live in fear. I noticed newsreports saying that the underground was really quiet on Friday with carriages that were generally full all quiet now. Well duh! Most companies gave their employees the day off and told them stay home and stay safe. It’s the usual TV hype and bullshit.

The rise of citizenship journalism during this event was fantastic and I think will make news more honest. The main stations used to have the ability to twist the facts and get away with it, but not anymore. Flick and blogs and cameraphone pics save all these moments in time forever.

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