That new eircom product

There’s been some reaction in the past 24 hours to the eircom pay as you go product that they are releasing. The Irish Liberal quoted consumer laws as well as saying

The whole point of broadband is that is is always on! Is this the only country where we are expected to pay absolute laughable amounts of money for such a completly rubbish service?

Planet Potato also dislike the idea and are saying what we’ve all been saying and that is that always-on was the biggest selling point of broadband and is one of the best properties of it.

It’s quite ludicrous that if you use this product for an hour and a half or more per day you are going to end up paying €50 a month on top of the €25 highest line rental in Europe. Meanwhile the same company is offering an always-on product for €29.99. So 672 hours for €29.99 or 20 hours for €20. Mad mad. Penalties and fines for using Broadband is quite scary. Low usage users can be captured using a cheap product with a low download limit. When they are given all the time in the world to use broadband their usage will go up until they eventually move to a more expensive package. Even Google wants people to stay online more and have said broadband is what does it.

IrelandOffline Press Release on timed broadband.

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