Ads in RSS – Google is doing this

John Battelle is reporting that Google is getting into injecting ads into RSS feeds. Dave Winer recently took Google to task on their lack of interest/support of RSS.

Dave said: “To this day Google doesn’t do anything interesting with RSS feeds. It can’t even display feeds in an intelligent way. Perhaps it’s NIH that’s keeping them from embracing RSS as their two main competitors have. Whatever it is, Yahoo is dashing in front, with Microsoft close behind.

Why isn’t Google in the race? To me it remains a mystery.”

I’ve noted before that GMail may be doing RSS integration but who isn’t at this stage in the game ? I would really like a way of searching for all the using Google and without resorting to doing a complicated filetype search.

Battelle has also shown some new forms of non-text ads from Google. Seems they are really putting pressure on the likes of DoubleClick and their ilk by offering traditional forms of webadvertising now. Heh “Traditional webadvertising”, we’re getting old.

Continuing the RSS and ads theme comes evidence that Slashdot is now displaying ads in their RSS feeds.

To finish off all my daily Google fetish comes news of a possible new way of getting rid of spam called TrustRank which uses a small seed set of “good” websites and trusts their links more and with some mathematical magic can dump all those spam sites. Handy.

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