Right here right now this is a turning point

In the big picture it might not amount to much but Scoble, telling his bosses he thinks they did the wrong thing could very well be a turning point for corporate and employee blogging. Man, to tell your boss publicly that you believe what he did was wrong takes balls and backbone. Well done Robert. No matter which side Scoble took, to do so in public when your boss is Steve Balmer is something else.

This has yet to turn white hot but I think it will and it could really be a turning point for the power of blogs. Scoble was I suppose hired to blog, but will he be fired? Anil said “Nobody has ever been fired for blogging” but will it hold true ? Time is going to tell. Read all the comments on Scoble’s blog. Wow. Everyone is weighing in. Though I’ve not seen any commentary yet on the about it I bet there will be. There has been commentary about the MS decision on the discrimination bill alright but not on Scoble taking a stand.

Meanwhile Matt Haughey says this MSM line in sand stuff is bullshit. And I quote You are the media. I am the media. Blogs are a fixture in the mainstream. So when you decry the “MSM” as an imaginary villain, I know I’m done with your site.

Here in the Boggersphere the homophobic Blood Transfusion Service classes MSM as “Men who have sex with men”. It took me a while to figure out that the blog pundits weren’t talking about gay saunas and orgies. I swear I never pictured Jeff Jarvis and Doc Searls at it.

Oh I see Efferal saw he was in the Sunday Tribune, I wonder who linked to his piece first ? *Whistles innocently*

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