Reactions to the new Pope

There’s a lot of talk on about the new Pope but hardly any at all from the LGBT bloggers. Exceptions being Fetch on and Efferal who wrote a satirical news piece:

“Welcoming the Election, the Irish government, announced new measures to fall in line with the new totalitarium regime. Attendance at mass will be compulsory and all intrinsically evil bars will be shut down.

The authorities were quick to act on such orders. The raid on the george happened just after 9pm. The patrons were forcibly removed before the windows and doors were boarded up. A lone blonde galwegian sat sobbing at the side of the road, asking over and over “where will I go now.”

On the LGBT forums though there is quite active and angry debate, such as the LGB Forum , Gay Community News discussion of the new Pope. Adolf must be Proud is the thread on GayCork with the thread on Gaire being God Bless Our Saint The New Pope.

Perhaps once they get themselves submitted to the best Irish RSS aggregator or start tagging their posts with , then we’ll see them pop up more.

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