Google Launches Search History Service

Google now has a My Search History option. (Found this out via John Battelle’s SearchBlog. About time. This will be hugely useful to me. This should make me work a lot more efficiently online now.

From the site:

My Search History offers you:

  • Powerful search options
    Search your web search history, including full text search of all the pages you found with Google.
  • * Relevant history while you search
    Get more useful information in your web search results, like the last time you saw a page, how often you’ve seen it, and more.

  • * Intuitive browsing
    Use the calendar to quickly navigate to any day of your search history, and see similar searches you’ve done via automatic related history detection.
  • * Manage your search history
    Learn how often you’ve done web searches on a given day, and even delete individual searches and results clicks.
  • I really like this and the calendar way of looking at information is going to prove handy.

    Overall, this is good but it could be better. Right now “My Search History” saves your Google activity information such as search queries, the results that you clicked as well as the date and time of your searches.

    What it doesn’t do (yet) is keep a history of what happens after you leave the site and move on to other sites and see what you clicked on then. This could be done via the toolbar though I guess. What would also be of benefit and could be the killer of is a Google Toolbar add-on that allows you to bookmark sites you visit and tag them. Google could do this quickly enough too with the engineers they have. Bookmarks stored on Google and with a firefox extension loaded on your current browser. Who needs to worry about backing up bookmarks then ?

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