Late to bed and early to rise…

Social network sites gone extremely local. Social networks built around a single WiFi hotspot.

Fantastic Chris Jordan photography.

The best places in the world to get sick.

Hockey MotherFucker, do you play it ? Jules from PulpFiction does Hockey coaching.

The Marketing Industry’s coming disaster. New media gonna whip theys ass.

Listening to the new album from Rufus Wainwright. A few tracks are touching me. The opening track on the album Want Two is “Agnus Dei” (lamb of god) and really shows off his voice. I’m deffo going to see him live. Vicar street here I come. I swear to uhm er God I’d attend mass every Sunday if the church had someone sing “Lamb of God” like that.

Another track which I think could get put into my top ten is “The Art Teacher”

Rufus Explained the lyrics:
The Art Teacher – “It’s a song about a guy I met at the gym who of course was straight. He’d tell me stories about his female students who were ravenous for him. So I put myself in their shoes to write the song. I played it for him and it went totally over his head

Lyrics to The Art Teacher:

The Art Teacher

There I was in uniform
Looking at the art teacher.
I was just a girl then;
Never have I loved since then.

He was not that much older than I was
He had taken our class to the Metropolitan Museum
He asked us what our favorite work of art was,
But never could I tell it was him.
Oh, I wish I could tell him —
Oh, I wish I could have told him.

I looked at the Reubens and Rembrandts
I liked the John Singer Sergeants
He told me he liked Turner
Never have I turned since then
No, never have I turned to any other man.

All this having been said,
I married an executive company head.
All this having been done, a Turner – I own one.
Here I am in this uniform, this pantsuit sort of thing,
Thinking of the art teacher.
I was just a girl then;
Never have I loved since then.
No, never have I loved any other man.

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