Jape can do it, why can’t the rest ?

Jape has a new album out and I really like it. €7.95 for an mp3 copy of the album and I can download it DRM free. Or €14.95 delivered. That’s clever. I got the album from a friend. He loaned it to me. By MP3. I await the battering ram on my door when the Team IRMA World Police come bursting in for being a terrorist funder or something. I’m going to buy the album now because after a few listens I think I want this as part of my collection. I don’t see why I have to buy an album after hearing one preview of it. Same way I’m not going to buy a house my just viewing the kitchen. IRMA seriously would want to cop on and stop blaming just piracy for the drop in worldwide music sales.

From IRMA in 2005:

Massive illegal file-sharing is undermining the livelihoods of everyone in the
creative chain involved in making music, from composers and music publishers
to performers, musicians and record companies. Abuse of copyright on the
Internet has contributed to a €28 million drop in music sales in Ireland
between 2001 and 2004, a decline of 19%.

From IRMA 2003:

‘ The association, which represents the Irish music industry, says
sales in the first half of 2003 are down from the same period last
year, although official figures will not be published for another three
weeks. “It’s almost entirely attributable to piracy, between people
downloading off the Internet and people burning CDs,” said Sean
Murtagh, Irma’s head of anti-piracy. ‘

Get a grip lads.

Woah, was just about to post this and I see Bernie is talking about IRMA on his blog. I’m not cogging you Bernie I swear !

By the way Bernie, how did the EFF discussion go on Saturday ?

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