To catch a thief- An experiment for IrishBlogs

Ryan’s posted the pic of the guy that allegedly knicked his wallet. Would be nice if the people that live in the space were to manage to spread the word about this.

Don’t know how legal it is for someone to post a pic of someone online and accuse them of a crime, though the Gardai seem to do it on Crimeline.

Ryan, The other thing I’d have an issue with is slagging off the person in question. While it’s natural for you to take back power by various means when someone has done wrong to you, I didn’t like the bit where you try and humiliate him by alluding to him being a knacker, gay and has a small penis. I don’t like the implication that there is something to feel humiliated about if you’re gay.

Knacker(taking the scumbag definition) = Inferior
Small penis = Inferior
Gay = Inferior

Er, why ?

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