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Jacob has put Google Video under the microscope and come up with some interesting facts such as they may charge you for excess bandwidth and they take a 30% cut on revenue generated, plus they can package ads around your video. Still Google aren’t known for screwing people over and I guess they have to stick in worst-case scenarios in the terms and conditions just in case. be cool if they brought in tagging and made themselves into a video form of Flickr. Might prove very insightful for

Update:[ Scoble points to Vimeo, which is a bit like Flickr for video. ]

It’d be interesting comparing the Google model to the model of Participatory Culture where you create your own videos and choose your own TV. From the site:

A desktop video player application that brings internet TV to the fullscreen. Subscribe to channels: videos download in the background and the player notifies you when they’re ready to watch.

Broadcast Machine
A video publishing tool built on Blog Torrent. Publish fullscreen video to thousands with virtually no bandwidth cost. Simple, flexible, installs on a website in seconds. Easier than most blogging software. ”

In other Google news, it seems GMail will have a newsreader built into it. About time too. GMail will evolve into way more than email storage I’d wager. It’ll soon be the personal online space of many. Taking more and more power from desktop applications.

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