Google Video Beta Goes Live [Updated]

Google Video Upload Program has gone live and you can now submit your video to the numero uno search company.

From the Google Video FAQ : “We’re still in the first phase of the upload program. Once we approve your video submission and enter the next phase, we’ll send you an email (to the email address you provide) to let you know that we’re ready to add your content to Google Video. Users will then be able to search, preview, purchase, and play your video. ”

So, I guess future search results may include “Would you like to watch a video about ‘Brain Freeze’. Here is a preview, you will need to pay €4 to watch the rest. What interests me more here is how they are going to collect money from people. Who is going to be their preferred payment company ? As far as I know they will be their first time collecting money from people. Generally any service they’ve bought in becomes a free service. This is different.

Actually with AdWords and AdSense they already make payments to people I guess. I wonder what their cut on the sale of videos will be ?

[Update] Here’s a screenshot courtesy of Inside Google:


No support for the Mac, pity, the Mac being the best computer for video editing. Perhaps Google needs to supply video editing software to the masses or else encourage video editing software manufacturers to plug into this. It would have been good to bring this out with readily available editing tools.

[Update 2]
Could Google be the one to make micropayments work ? 15 cents per play will make you nothing but if you have Google driving everyone to your video then it could very well bring in the cash for you.

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